As of 2/19/05 my test of Auto-Rx is complete.
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Welcome to the AUTO-RX report page. This web site will document the test of an engine cleaner available here.

I began this test because I was, to put it lightly, skeptical of the claims made by the inventor of this product. He has plenty of testimonials but little in the way of photographic proof.

When I presented photos of this engine to Frank, the inventor of this product, this is what he had to say:

"This is a much lower cost option than tearing your engine apart and cleaning by hand, even then you would not get rid of all sludge. Auto-Rx will -- we guarantee it!"

"One of the great benefits of Auto-Rx is the fact that it cleans sludge, varnish and all third party abrasives from your engine"

I had my doubts so I decided to put this site up where interested parties could follow my progress.


Note: This test is not condoned or endorsed by the makers of Auto-Rx. Nor am I affiliated with, friends of, or even remotely liked by the makers of this product.

Note from Auto-Rx: Aaron hosted these pages on his website from 2003 thru 2006. He is no longer maintaining his site and generously gave us permission to host the files here.