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Proof of Value: Dyson Review of Cycle-Rx (Carlos' Suzuki)

Lab Interpretation

Summation and Overview: 

Dear prospective Cycle-Rx (Auto-Rx®) user,  enclosed in the independent test results below you will find a test of Auto-Rx in a Suzuki sport bike that encompasses 5 different oil analysis samples, graphed and analyzed by Dyson Analysis.  The test is instructive in that the bike was well maintained by a licensed aircraft mechanic and pilot who has been riding and maintaining motorcycles for over 30 years,  he like Dyson Analysis is independent of Auto-RX.

High quality synthetic lubricants from Amsoil had been used right up until the test was begun.  The tests closely monitors the bike engine/trans sump during a pre Rx Suzuki OEM oil phase, Rx cleaning phase at 1000 and 1500 miles, a post Rx rinse phase and finally back to a synthetic oil  test interval.

 In a nutshell we learned that after 60,000 miles a nearly perfectly maintained motorcycle engine/trans sump did build up deposits and that a good lubricant on its own can not clean and maintain cleanliness the way a bike periodically using Auto-Rx as directed can.

Suprisingly Auto-Rx cleaned and SAFELY carried miles of wear and corrosion deposits from the transmisson area that we did not expect to see at these levels.  See the large particle testing for more info.

 One of the difficulties in a shared sump is that clutch, gear and other transmission wear particles can impact transmission/engine wear if allowed to deposit.

 Add in the factor of mechanical shear ( note that vis was impacted negatively by this in all tests) and a motorcycle oil in this application is being asked to perform as a super lubricant and maintain cleanliness.

During the testing much debris was cleaned by Auto-Rx, as a matter of fact the oil filter was overloaded with fine wear causing  debris, mostly from the transmission and gearbox.  The fact that wear rates were stable or declined during cleaning is proof of Auto-Rx safety and effectiveness even with a oil filter being at or near max capacity.

This tests clearly points out that even the high quality synthetic lubricated sport bike can benefit from lower wear rates and by extention, less stress a clean engine/trans sump will experience.  The lower wear rates and better lubricant stability will translate into better performance and longer life ! 

Sincerely, Terry Dyson 

Lab Interpretation


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